9 MIN Energizing Breathwork Meditation Uplifting Affirmations for Empowerment

InnerPower Breath Session This short breathwork session will lift your mood and empower you. In this session you will use the power of your own breath to feel great. Starting with gentle in and exhale. Go along with the music. Instructions Breathwork session Make sure you are comfortable. Start breathing in and out. Breathe either […]

Learn more about the meridian points! PC 6 point massage it for relief of insomnia, stress, nausea

PC 6 acupressure or acupuncture point I am sharing in this new video a trick. By stimulating a particular point on your arm, you can get  get rid of nausea or motion sickness! It really helps when pregnant as well! But stimulating this PC6 meridian point helps you as well to become more relaxed especially […]

Direct stress relief – short circular breathing exercise for an instant calm and peaceful feeling

Circular breathing or the connected breathing involves consciously taking deep breaths without pausing in between. There are various ways in which this is used. This type of breathwork is often the case that this circular breathing is often used in breathing sessions and breathing circles. During these breathing sessions, the instruction is often that you […]

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Manifesting and the Law of Attraction -Update

5 questions about Manifesting and the Law of Attraction Since I have been organizing workshops on manifesting and the law of attraction, I have been getting more and more questions about this. The most frequently asked question is what exactly is manifesting. Funny how it works when you’re working on a subject a lot yourself. […]

2 Minutes – Heart Energy Breath – Qigong Breathing Technique for Positive Energy

2 Minutes – Heart Energy Breath – Qigong Breathing Technique for Positive Energy This short  exercise helps you to activate positive heart energy. It opens your heart and fills you with a really nice feeling!   

The importance of balanced Kidneys – affecting your immune system and strenght

Look after your Kidnerys TCM

The Kidneys as seen in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are so important!  They house your life energy or your Jing or your “Essence”.  This Ying is stored in your Kidneys and is the material basis for all kinds of functional activities and is responsible for your growth and your development. It is believed you get […]