InnerPower™ Methodology
Change your energy, change your life!

The InnerPower™ approach is all about effectively managing your energy. If you want to feel good, it’s important to have the right tools to ensure that your energy flows properly. This involves focusing on observing and consciously changing your energy through various techniques, with the power of your own breath taking center stage.

The InnerPower™ methodology is based on a combination of current scientific research in the fields of neuroscience, heart-brain coherence, and heart intelligence, as well as wisdom from various Eastern philosophies and shamanism.

Ilse-Marie is a lifelong student herself and has undertaken numerous trainings, courses, and studies, and read hundreds of books on Eastern philosophy, energy medicine, Chinese Traditional Medicine, yoga, meditation, and breathwork, as well as anatomy and neuroscience.

She is skilled in various yoga styles, qigong, breath techniques (traditional & modern breathwork), and various forms of meditation and mindfulness. Additionally, she has knowledge in hypnotherapy, psychology, and is an EFT & Ayurveda practitioner. She also provides guidance as a spiritual (business) mentor.

Ilse-Marie holds a profound belief in the interconnectedness of health and considers most problems to stem from an underlying energy issue, which encompasses thoughts and emotions.

The InnerPower™ methodology harnesses the power of five fundamental elements to facilitate a positive transformation of one’s energy. These elements work together in unison, with breathing serving as the primary thread that binds them. The reason for this is simple: your breath wields a profound influence over your energy, making it the cornerstone of the InnerPower™ methodology.

Managing energy through the 5 building blocks is integrated into all of our training and workshops, and is also present in the RadiantPeace™ Yoga Nidra method developed by Ilse-Marie.

1. Breathwork

2. Mindfulness

3. Meditation

4. Movement

5. Mindset

Energy management using 5 elements


One of the main elements woven throughout all the others is the tremendous power of your own breath. The focus is to break unhealthy breathing patterns and learn techniques that help you calm down and relax, focus, increase your energy, and help you release emotions that are holding you bac

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Mindfulness helps you to experience the present moment more intensely and focus your attention on what is happening at that moment. Instead of being lost in thought and worrying, you have more attention for what you are really doing in the moment. In our trainings, workshops and retreats, we focus a lot on proven mindfulness techniques. We use simple and powerful tools that participants can easily integrate into their lives.


Meditation is an essential part of our methodology, and we employ various techniques to help individuals achieve their goals. Whether you’re seeking to quiet your mind, boost your concentration, promote relaxation, stimulate creativity, or rewire your brain to overcome limiting beliefs, we have a meditation technique tailored for you. In addition, Ilse-Marie has developed her own yoga nidra method, known as the “RadiantPeace method,” which is a powerful tool for deep relaxation and inner transformation.

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Movement is a crucial aspect in our methodology to facilitate the breaking of blockages and the restoration of optimal energy flow.

We utilize various modalities of movement based on the specific objectives of the training or workshop, including diverse styles of yoga, qigong, dancing, hiking, moving meditation, bodywork, and other powerful energy techniques.


Our methodology also incorporates the crucial aspect of mindset. In our activities, we emphasize the tremendous power of your mind and its connection with your body. Furthermore, we highlight the importance of how you choose to interact with yourself and others. We devote significant attention to how your mindset and lifestyle can profoundly impact your energy levels.

Ilse-Marie’s expertise in hypnotherapy is also integrated into our meditations, where she uses intentions and affirmations to great effect.

Our diverse exercises allow you to actively train your mind and willpower while learning to reprogram your subconscious mind for optimal growth and transformation.


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