Learn more about the meridian points! PC 6 point massage it for relief of insomnia, stress, nausea

PC 6 acupressure or acupuncture point

I am sharing in this new video a trick. By stimulating a particular point on your arm, you can get  get rid of nausea or motion sickness!

It really helps when pregnant as well!

But stimulating this PC6 meridian point helps you as well to become more relaxed especially in those moments when you experience a lot of emotional turbulence:)

This trigger point is situated on the pericardium meridian line. The Pericardium is the little sac protecting your heart. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is considered an organ.

One branch of its corresponding meridian line runs through the center of your inner arms to your middle finger. There are several important meridian points on the PC meridian. This one that I discuss in this video really helps you when you experience motion sickness or nausea and when you are feeling very emotional and you are in need of more calm and peace.