Yoga Nidra: The Radiant Peace Method

RadiantPeace Method: From doing to just Being:

The practice of Yoga Nidra is as ancient as the practice of Yoga itself.

Teachings date back thousands of years and can be found in the wisdom teachings of the Upanishads, Classical Yoga, and in the Tantric tradition.

A single method for reaching Yoga Nidra does not exist. No one owns it. It is universal.

Over the years Ilse-Marie Sobering studied, experienced and taught different forms of Yoga Nidra.

Ilse was inspired by the more traditional and the modern schools of Yoga Nidra. She studied and experienced the traditional Yoga Nidra teachings of Swami Rama & Swami Satyananda and the more modern schools of  iRest of Richard Miller and the Amrit (I am) method.

The RadiantPeace method is a combination of the most powerful traditional Yoga Nidra practices applied in a modern down to earth approach.

The RadiantPeace Method is part of PranaYoga, an energy and breath based yoga approach developed by Ilse-Marie Sobering combining the ancient and modern yoga styles with Qigong, EFT, meditations and breath work.

The focus of the RadiantPeace program is on feeling and stimulating your Prana, your vital life force. During all stages of the RP method we are very aware of the healing energy flow.

The RadiantPeace Yoga Nidra program is a 12 step Yoga Nidra method.

It is a structured series of ancient mindfulness techniques including breath, body and awareness techniques which progressively drop you from the thinking mind into feeling sensations in the body.

From there you sink into a deep and profoundly restorative state of being.The RadiantPeace Method is designed to bring you in the current moment, in the now.

Tap into your essence and live a more meaningful life in whatever current circumstances you may find yourself in.

It is about feeling your wholeness and oneness and about feeling connected with the universe.

Tap into your inner resource of power, of unchanging strength and energy.

RP method combines the current knowledge about Energy Work and Energy Medicine, with the traditional Practice of Yoga (Nidra).

RP Method uses Breath work, Asana, Relaxation techniques, Energy Medicine Techniques & Self massage in the internalization stage to activate and balance the flow of energy.

The RP Method is focussed on the “heart brain”. Your heart plays a big role in relaxation.  “The Heart-Brain”  can help you to interrupt the stress response, even in the midst of the chaos of daily life. As well we use the power of gratitude and elevated feelings in the heart center in order to make the Yoga Nidra practice even more powerful.

In this course we will teach you how to use the different tools of the RadiantPeace method as independent tools, and how to combine some or all of the tools in the way that best suits your needs in any given moment.