House Of InnerPower – Ilse Sobering 

Inspirator & Motivator

I’m Ilse. I am an entrepreneur, Energy & Breathwork Coach and an international Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Spiritual (Business) Mentor.
I am passionate about how our brain works, about heart intelligence, the connection between brain and heart and about manifestation.
I am specialized in the power of breathing, meditation, Yoga Nidra and hypnosis.
It makes me very happy to gather and implement new knowledge. Especially about ancient wisdom combined with contemporary science and research.
My great passion is to share the things I’ve learned with you.
Through the House Of InnerPower you can follow various courses, both online, in Spain and in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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december 2022

2022sat17dec10:00sat14:00Breathwork Workshop Verbonden Ademhaling & AdemcirkelLaat oude emoties en spanning los - leer alles over deze unieke ademhalingstechniek

january 2023

2023tue24jan17:00Online Breathwork & Pranayama DocentenopleidingLeer Oude Indiase Pranayama-technieken en Modern Ademwerk

2023sat28jan10:00sat17:00Workshop - Ontdek de kracht van je eigen ademhaling Veluwe ApeldoornWil je de kracht van ademen ervaren en ontdekken wat verschillende technieken met je doen?

february 2023

2023mon06feb19:30Online Yoga Nidra Cursus - De RadiantPeace Methode - Nederlands feb 2023