Interview with Jacqui Noël – Graduated Student Viva La Vida Teacher Training 200 hours

Jacqui Noël - graduated student Yoga TTC 200 -Viva La Vida Lifestyle


We are organizing our Yoga Teacher Training Courses for a few year now. But who are the people participating in our courses? And what are our Viva La Vida Yoga Teachers doing now?
Today we introduce you to Jacqui

Name: Jacqui Noël
Age: 30
Nationality: New Zealand

Why did you decide to go to a Yoga TTC?

I had been practising yoga regularly for 2 years already at the time, and becoming a teacher was something I had been turning over in my mind for quite some time. I wanted to immerse myself and expand my knowledge in the world of yoga to see if becoming a teacher was something I truly wanted to do. It just so happened that a couple months before the training I moved to the other side of the world and took this opportunity to direct my life on a new path.

Why did you choose Viva La Vida?

Some of the major appeals of doing my yoga teacher training with Viva La Vida was the small and intimate group size, learning both Yin and Yang yoga, and the many hours devoted to practical teaching.

What did you like most of the TTC and what made it special?

The small group size and having one of the teachers assigned as your mentor really made all the difference. We were each able to get individual attention, help, and advice – not just about yoga, but about life! From the get go, they created such a safe environment for everyone to share and be vulnerable. The three teachers also complemented each other perfectly – each with their own energy and style of teaching.
What made it really special were the people – how much the teachers cared about each and every one of us, the beautiful souls I did the training with, and the generosity of the team at the cortijo. It was like a real family atmosphere.

What impact had the TTC on your life?

The experience touched me on a level that I did not expect. I learnt so much about yoga, myself and others. I am forever grateful to everyone involved. The training not only helped me get a kick start along my new journey, but also gave me lifelong friends, supporters and mentors, as well as allowing myself to face and overcome my biggest fears and anxieties.

What do you do now? How did you implement it in your life?

I started teaching in a yoga studio a couple of months after the teacher training and am now a full-time yoga teacher. I have since also done some more training in other areas – pre and postnatal yoga and baby yoga and massage. I have been putting my training to good use and offer classes in many different styles, from Vinyasa to Yin to Mama and Baby. I also started to build my brand on social media to reach a bigger audience and to spread a bit of inspiration and joy around. The advice and pep talks from the teachers helped give me the confidence to put myself out there to search for opportunities.

Future plans

I’m currently on maternity leave, but will be back to teaching at various studios in a couple of months. There’s also retreats in the making and possibly looking into offering yoga classes online.

Social media: @jacquinoelyoga