Super learning tip – Use Essential Oil While Studying

Simple Brain Hack For More Effective Studying

Use a specific essential oil when you are studying.

Everytime when you study the same subject, use the same essential oil.

You can put it (blended) on your skin, or have the bottle close and just smell it a few times when you are studying, or put it in a diffuser.

Need to do an exam on the subject?  Make sure you have the oil with you and smell it during the exam. It will help you to recall all what you have learnt.

Rosemary, sage, peppermint, and eucalyptus are great choices for improving concentration, and all are particularly high in a compound called 1,8-cineole–also known as “eucalyptol”. Research has shown that eucalyptol can significantly improve memory and performance on cognitive tasks.

But you can as well choose a specific oil that you like while studying.

Ones that work great for studying and that I really like are sweet orange essential oil and lemon essential oil.

They both give you a happy mood as well and are energizing!

Other good oils are lavender (relaxing and calming as well) and bergamot.

I am using a lot of essential oils. in my house for all kinds of things especially against mosquito bites, skin and hair treatment/repairment, anti-inflammation for digestion and for energy, focus and relaxation and for lots of other things! And just because I really like them and they make me happy:)

I do use it often in my yoga classes and I give special workshops to (future) yoga teachers on how to use essential oils.

My favorite brands are DoTerra and Young Living, but I do but other ones from the nature store. just make sure that you know what you buy. Buy if possible ecologic and as pure as possible.