Moon Breath – Simple Breathing Technique for instant Relaxation & Focus

Lunar Breath

Lunar Breath – Single Nostril Breath

The Lunar Breath, or Chandra Bhedana (Moon-Piercing Breath), is  a simple calming breathing practice.

Very effective against feelings of stress. You can do this lunar breath for a few minutes and you will instantly feel the soothing effect of this simple breathing exercise. It is as well a great way to get yourself more focussed. You can do this pranayama before any mental work you have to do. Very effective if you have to study!

During this Chandra Breathing you breath in on your left nostril and you breath out on the right.

Your left nostril breath is said to be cool, and cools the body, lowers metabolism and inhibits body activities. Breathing in on the left nostril makes you focussed and relaxed at the same time. It activates your parasympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for your rest and digest mode.



– Helps to calm you down

– Anti-stress – helps to release feelings of stress

– Makes you more relaxed

– Helps to focus on mental activities

– Supports you to ground yourself

– Better sleep; helps against insomnia

How to do it:
1. Use your right hand
2. Bring your index finger and middle finger to the third eye.
3.Close your right nosetril with your thumb and inhale slowly on the left.
4. Close of the left nosetril with your pinky finger and breath out slowly on the right.
4. Continue breathing in on the left and breathing out on the right for about 1-2 minutes