Mantra: for deep healing OM Ram Ramaya Swaha

OM Ram Ramaya Swaha Mantra for Healing

OM Ram Ramaya Swaha – Relieve Pain – Deep Healing

This is an extremely powerful mantra. It is especially very useful when you have pain or some kind of disease or (serious) illness. It can prevent diabetes and liver problems. 

The Om Ram Ramaya Swaha mantra is useful for balance, mental health, emotional healing, physical healing, energy, strength, wellbeing. This mantra balances the left and right side of your body.

They give this mantra as well to people that have cancer. It can strengthen you to listen to this mantra when you have chemotherapy. If you know someone having this disease, please share it with them

This mantra can as well help you to deal with grief concerning a loss of a dear one.

For my personally it really helped me with coping with my grief after losing my father.


Lord Rama:

The mantra is directed to Lord Rama, who is a beloved Hindu god and an archetype for righteousness and living the virtues.

Lord Rama is associated with the roll of the hero. The Om Ram Ramaya Swaha mantra has a mystical quality.

Chanting this mantra is said to bring an overwhelming feeling of bliss. 

Daily chanting of this mantra not only brings healing but a pervasive feeling of happiness. 


Manipura Chakra

The mantra clears the body’s energy channels and contains the seed sound for your third chakra, your solar plexus chakra.

You will find this chakra you 2 fingers above your navel. They call this chakra the Manipura Chakra. Here you can find your power centre.

This chakra is connected with your strength, drive, will power, energy, enthusiasm and your ability to take decisions and to take action.

The color connected with the Manipura chakra is yellow.


TIP: During the mantra you can visualise that you breathing in a powerful yellow light, a bright energizing healing light. Like the light of the sun.


The Mantra OM Ram Ramaya Swaha

Interesting fact: when under the  age of 29, ““Swaha” should be changed to “Namaha”.

Mantra: for deep healing OM Ram Ramaya Swaha- by Deva Premal