Free 7 Day Yoga Nidra Challenge

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I have created these special meditations for you. 

My teachings are all about changing and expanding your energy and opening your heart . To create heart and brain coherence in order for you to be able to align with your inner being.

As your inner being is already there where you want to be.

If you are connected to your inner being, you experience your own sacred inner power.

When you are able to tap into your SuperPower, you are in alignment with the Universe. 

This will help you to better listen to your intuition and to be open for guidance and to be able manifest a better life for yourself and others.

These meditations are like mini Yoga Nidra sessions (circa 15 min) and are created from the various elements of the RadiantPeace Yoga Nidra Method.

By exploring various elements of the Yoga Nidra practice you can deepen the benefits that you can receive from this ancient sacred practice. 

The theme for these 7 special meditations is opening your heart and to give and receive love to yourself and others

For a lot of people it is difficult to make a daily morning ritual with so many choices, things to do.

While the first moment you open your eyes is so decisive for your day: the mindset you have during the rest of the day.  To meditate early in the morning is the spiritual nourishment for your heart and soul.

From now on make yourself a promise to start every day in alignment with your inner power & the Universe. 

I will help you to start with this morning practice by delivering  you a 15 min morning practice for the next 7 days! And you can of course repeat the ones that resonate with you after the 7 days

Ilse Sobering

Spiritual Mentor – Yoga, Meditation Teacher

Energyworker & Lightrider