Best books on Yoga and TCM

My personal recommendations for the most interesting yoga books

There are so many (great) books on yoga, meditation and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I have read many, and I am  constantly discovering new books.

In this blog I share with you some of my favorite yoga books on various subjects.

Note: the books links go to the books on Amazon and for the Dutch there is a direct link to the books to

We are working together with this websites. But you can of course find those books at any other store as well!

And I will keep adding books to the list! 

So if you need any inspiration bookmark this page and come back again!


Spiritual / Philosophy/ Self inquiry



General Yoga books 


Poses  – Pranayama 


Gita Dutch Version


On teaching Yoga








Breath / Pranayama


Yin Yoga


Yoga Nidra


Yoga & Ayurveda



Yoga Therapy


Energy Medicine




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