Return to your inner power and live from your true essence.

Let yourself drift on the flow of life.

Embark on a transformative journey, where you not only rediscover your true self but also acquire the essential tools to guide others toward their own inner strength.

✓ Connect deeply with your body and wholeheartedly embrace your inner power.

✓ Learn how to finely tune and channel your energy to positively transform your life.

✓ Uncover the transformative power of love and tap into the profound intelligence of your heart.

✓ Experience the seamless connection between your heart, mind, and gut.

✓ Trust your inner knowing and amplify your intuitive power.

✓ Live authentically from your true essence and reconnect with the source.

✓ Illuminate the world with your light and empower others to access their inner strength

House of InnerPower


Down-to-earth spirituality that truly impacts your everyday life.


Welcome to the House Of InnerPower, where Ilse-Marie Sobering invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and returning to your true self.

Explore transformative courses, empowering workshops, and cutting-edge training in energy work that guide you back to your inner power.

Feel the profound connection with your body, embrace the power of heart intelligence, and unite heart, mind, and gut.

Down-to-earth spirituality that profoundly impacts your everyday life.

Ilse-Marie seamlessly integrates Eastern philosophy, shamanistic traditions, and contemporary spiritual psychology with scientific perspectives, mindset principles, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and heart-centered entrepreneurship.

All our courses and activities blend profound insights with practical applicability, enabling you to seamlessly integrate the acquired knowledge into your life and share it with others.


Continuous education, training, and courses in Energy Work: Yin Yoga, Mindset, Qigong, Breathwork, Meditation, and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship.


Is this something for you?

Whether you're a coach, therapist, yoga instructor, medical professional, (personal) trainer, or entrepreneur, our further education courses are specially designed to expand your knowledge and advance your personal development.

Our activities also suit you if you're seeking personal growth, experiencing a turning point in your life, recovering from burnout, or simply looking to deepen your knowledge.

Be inspired by our workshops, lectures, and training, or find peace and renewal during our retreats.

Follow our programs online or at locations in Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

At House Of InnerPower, we bring together spirituality and everyday life, creating an impact you can feel immediately.

What a special and transformative week here in El Cañuelo during the yin yoga teacher training of House of Inner Power.

Super grateful to have been able to make this journey with my fellow students under the inspiring guidance of Ilse Marie Sobering, who guided us through this 50-hour training with an incredible amount of love and passion and an inexhaustible source of wisdom and information.

You can feel everything that this is Ilse’s gift to the world: an incredibly valuable week of knowledge, but also a moment to really connect with your true self.

Ayona Gubbels - Hypnotherapist en yogadocent

Review Juriaan Galavazi – Doctor Juriaan

I attended a yoga training under the guidance of Ilse-Marie.

She adds a tremendous amount of substantive and practical value.

In terms of organization, it’s truly top-notch, given with a lot of love and passion and in a beautiful location.

Learned a lot. If you’re looking for a profound and deep experience, I can highly recommend attending one of Ilse’s activities.

Highly recommended!

Juriaan Galavazi | doctor | coach | author: from complaint to opportunity and you are the love | speaker

Ilse-Marie has given me so much more than a yoga nidra training.

She taught me gentleness, kindness, and connection with myself.

Her yoga nidra classes guided me through a difficult period.

The training was incredibly interesting and accessible.

We received good and sufficient tools to step into the world as a yoga nidra teacher and spread this loving vibe.

Thank you!

Laura Poelman / Yoga Instructor, Belgium

20 years of experience

>in the field of  energy work, mindset, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and breathwork


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